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10 Reasons To Invest In A WordPress Website

Posted on 23rd October, by phatboyz in Business, Website Design, Wordpress. Comments Off

A WordPress website is a great way to have a website that can grow without starting from scratch when its time to move onto the next stage of your online presence. A lot of small business are using it as well as large companies, from Ebay to Sony. That just give you an idea about how flexible WordPress can be, WordPress can easily handle a small B2B website or a large company.

1. A Website That Will Save You Money
With a WordPress website you can control your website by adding pages, changing text and uploading images. In the past you would need to send files to your designer that would charge for these items to be completed. Now you are able to do it all yourself. The ‘control panel’ is as easy as using Microsoft Word.

2. Control Your WordPress Website From Anywhere In The World
You may be at a business meeting in another state or a holiday in another country, it may be 8pm or 2am! It doesn’t matter, all you need is an internet connection and any internet browser. Your website ‘control panel’ is accessible from a desktop, laptop, tablet or even an iphone.

3. Time Sensitive Communication
Now the the website is in your hands, there is no waiting on the designer to make the relevant changes to your website. Even if it is as little as an hour or as long as a couple of days, you are able to add content immediately, this giving your website audience the most current details that you can. This is also great for time sensitive information. You are in total control.

4. Printing Pages
With a simple to install plugin, pages on your website can with one click be printed in an easy to read format, without bad formatting or blank pages. Design has no need to take a back seat to printable pages.

5. WordPress Is Free
Unlike most other Software, WordPress is free, you done need to pay a licence fee and there is no cost to upgrade, so it’s a great solution for start up businesses that need a web presence that looks professional and will attract viewers and turn them into potential customers.

6. Increased Functionality
There are thousands of plugins that will increase the functionality of your website. Someone with only basic instruction can find, install and setup a plugin, majority of these plugins have a 3 click install process making is easy for everyone.

7. SEO Made Easy
You can take control of how your website works within the main search engines using an SEO plugin. You may need to do a little research about what Google needs when indexing a website, but once you have a small amount of knowledge you can add, edit and change keywords and meta data whenever you would like.

8. Mobile Websites
Once there was a time when a mobile website was a different project to a normal desktop viewable website, now a mobile ready website can be built all in one, no need for a second site. WordPress automatically recognises if you are on a mobile device and shows the website accordingly.

9. Quick Learning Curve
Your WordPress website has an easy to learn and use administration area. Learning to edit content, post blog entries, adding new pages, adding photos and images is easier than using a Microsoft Word document. It would take someone that hasn’t used WordPress a couple of hours to pick up, however with the training (over the phone or in person) and the PDF Phat Media supply you with, it will take less than an hour.

10. Drafting Of Pages & Blogs
If you are unsure about anything when you are creating a post or adding a page, you can set the page as a draft, let Phat Media know we can login, quickly run our eyes over it and correct and formatting issues you have. Then the page can be made live. This can also be done if you need to show other people within your business to make sure the information that is about to go live is correct.

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