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Need to open your doors 27/4?
Do you want to sell products while you sleep or are on holidays?
Are overheads of having an actual store and personnel killing your bottom line?

If you have a product to sell, where better to sell it than online, people can view your products and purchase them from the other side of the globe while you’re asleep in bed. We can create custom shopping cart systems for a small or large online business.

Allowing potential customers to purchase your products 24/7 is an important aspect to take advantage of for any business. Not only does an online store never close, it is open to a much larger potential audience. It increases the odds for your products can be seen and purchased by a much larger audience, and they could be purchased by from anywhere in the world.

Moving to an online E-Commerce website can be daunting for someone that hasn’t had a lot of history with online shopping. Phat Media will guide you through the process and explain the technical side in terms you can easily understand.

As the project is coming to a stage where completion is just around the corner we will give you all the training that is necessary to make you confident in using the system to it’s full potential.

We understand that different size businesses with different amount of products to sell, may need different online solutions that will suit their needs. Phat Media different Shopping Cart solutions from entry level to enterprise level, we will hand-pick a solution that is right for you online goals.

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