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Email Marketing, what is it and why is it so important?

Posted on 1st March, by phatboyz in Online Promotions. Comments Off

Email marketing is becoming a larger part of business promotion, it is a very important tool to staying in the forefront of client minds. It’s a very direct and specific way to reach your target market with ease. Those that opt in to receive it are able to view important links that you drive the user to on your website.

What is an email newsletter?
An email newsletter is a HTML email that allows businesses to send out information to their clients on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis using an e-newsletter system.

What do email newsletters usually include?
Your particular email newsletter can have any topics you feel that would benefit your mailing list.
These could be latest products or new services, tips, coupons and special promotions, press releases, announcements, new staff members, testimonials or even a quick way to get new contact details or move of address.

Do you need an email newsletter?
Its an important factor in any businesses customer relationship, to keep in touch. An email newsletter is a great way to keep your business and its services in the forefront of your clients mind.




An email newsletter can improve the education of your clients on exactly what you do provide and how these services can help your clients business grow or have a positive impact on their expenditures.

Sending out an email newsletter once a month or bi-monthly

In todays busy world, any edge on your competitors is a good business discussion. It is also a great way to keeping the content on your website currently and ever changing, and google loves it when you are changing, adding, and keep updating the content and images on your website. Google will see this as ‘keeping relevant’ and will bump you above all those websites that lay dormant for months and in some cases years.

So you now have some of the reason behind having an email newsletter, now when do you send one out?



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