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Logo and Branding Design

Is My Logo Projecting The Right Message?

These are just a few question you should be asking yourself when you look at your business from your customers point of view.

Phat Media creates eye-catching visuals that will represent your business in a positive and professional light. Surprising to some, the process isn’t all about design and making “it look good” and a lot is done before pen hits paper!

What Is A Brand Image

Brand Image is an important part of a bigger picture, how people ‘see’, ‘feel’, and what they ‘think’ about your business is very important as well. What do you want to project to prospective customers and continue projecting to your current customers? A company name, logo, tag-lines, slogans, graphics, shapes and colours is all taken into consideration and all has a bearing on the final design.

Logo Design

For Phat Media to design an effective logo we will ask a few questions to get a feel for what you want to achieve, these questions will help us to identify where your business sits currently in the marketplace. Answers to these questions are critical, it takes the guess work out of the design process. It gives us a clear and concise goal to head towards, which will in turn help us to meet you goals and exceed your expectations.

About Your Brand

It is important to keep all your marketing material, including, website, flyers, newsletters, employees clothing, vehicle graphics all of a similar style and feel. If you are a company that has the resources and personnel to manage your own Brand we can supply a Style Guide. This guide will allow anyone that has access to it, to know exactly what to do and how to do it to keep a strong, coherent graphic brand and identity. It will indicate rules how to use the logo, the exact colours that need to be used an, placement on stationery and advertising materials, how to use it on various colours and more vital information on how to keep everything coherent.

Phat Media are able to design any logo types for all industries and sized businesses.
• Small Business Logo
• Corporate Logo
• Product Logo
• Project Logo
• Trade Logo

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