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Where Do I Get Inspiration From?

Posted on 12th January, by phatboyz in Inspiration. No Comments

Where Do I Get Inspiration From?

iPhone App: Plethora
Cost: It’s Free

As a Web Designer and Graphic Designer I’m interested in all kinds of design. I get inspiration from anywhere. Now, don’t ask me how I found it, or what I was looking for when I fell across it, but I recently down loaded an app for my iPhone called ‘Plethora’ and the best bit is, it was free!

This app has so many cool inspirational pictures from around the world. From wine bottle labels, modern architecture, street art, furniture, branding, advertising, logo designs, packaging, store design and many more from a heap more industries. It’s really what I need on a cold morning. I sit in front of my computer and look out the window at the tree’s swinging in the morning breeze without much of an idea about how I’m going to start a certain project. I guess it just gets me in the right frame of mind to tackle.

The app is a scroll through, however the really cool part about it is you can share it via email, Facebook, Twitter and add to favourites, whatever pictures you like!

I would recommend it to anybody that is in a creative industry, or even if not, someone that is interested in modern, cool, clean, professional designs, or just some inspirations for a mind block on those cold mornings.

I have had the app for months now and I haven’t gotten to the end of it, I think they add to it weekly. For this reason I’m short on other apps for inspiration. Then again, maybe there is a reason I haven’t looked for any others. This one is the bee’s knee’s, and suits me perfectly.

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