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Posted on 12th January, by phatboyz in Handy Tools. No Comments


If you are sick of manually putting together invoices and estimates, and can’t be bordered learning how to use MYOB or Quickbooks? Then you should have a look into Freshbooks.

Freshbooks is a great online accounting software. It allows you to create invoices and estimates to your clients, record your expenditure and it gives you all kinds of reports on profit and loss, revenue, expenses. You can even keep track of whether you client has looked at their invoices yet and sends out reminders to them if their invoice is overdue.

The system is very user friendly, easy to learn, with great tech support and a community forum. We have used this service for the last 10 months, and wish we had used it a lot sooner. It cuts down time spent on putting together invoices and estimates, and gives you more time to focus on your work.

Freshbooks also has API access which allows developers to create 3rd party software or website that talks to Freshbooks, which means Freshbooks can become the invoicing component to an online payment system or shopping cart website.

What’s even better is that Freshbooks has now developed their own iPhone app, which means you can create invoices and estimates on the go. Can’t make it back to your office to invoice your client? Just do it on your iPhone!

Want to test out Freshbooks? You can sign up with a free account which only allows you to store 3 clients on the system, but if you decided to upgrade to have more clients on the system, their packages are very affordable, so don’t take our word for it, try it out yourself with a free account with them. Visit Freshbook Website

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