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Logo Design Process – Speed Video

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Often we get requests to quote on a logo design, and 7 out of 10 times we would hear the client saying “isn’t that a bit too expensive for a logo design?” No matter how much we try to educate the client on the process and time required to design a logo, they will still look elsewhere for a better bargain. I don’t blame them for not knowing any better, as they have never seen the process involved for a logo design.

Here is a video (not shot by us) filmed in time lapse format to show all the steps involved in creating a logo design. As you can see, it takes a lot of love and effort to design something that looks professional and presentable.

Imperial Crest Hair Company

11th January

Four Leaf Consulting

10th January

Heyman Liquor Group

10th January


10th January

Full Circle Coaching & Consulting

10th January

Whispering Hill Winery

10th January

Yarrabee Castlemaine

10th January

Unique Ceramics

10th January

SRS Productions

10th January

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